Layer cake maker

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Perfect cake layers are as flat as your countertop, but here’s the sad truth: they don’t magically come out of the oven that way! So, how to get a perfect slice of cake?
Our Cake layers for Baking is a MUST HAVE item for anyone who loves and enjoys baking! This cake slicer is the ideal tool for making round cakes, and get your cake layers PERFECTLY LEVEL!
It’s easy to expand or shrink the diameter of the rings so that you can make your cakes in a variety of different sizes! Leveling your cake will make for easy-to-stack layers — they won’t wobble, and you’ll have a nice flat surface for decorating. It also makes sure you get that awesome “wow it’s so professional!” reveal when you slice your cake.
The Cake layers maker features an ingenious, solid backside, which is an amazing feature that provides a solid backing for the cake to rest against while cutting, this way the cake isn’t damaged in the process!
With this convenient adjustable ring, you can cut whatever size you want (the fast and easy way to cut even cake layers.) This adjustable mousse mold saves time and labor Made out of sturdy stainless steel Easy to use, Even easier to clean Durable and Dishwasher-Safe
Size (retractable): Min: 16x8cm Max: 20x8cm