Transforming Dinosaur LED Car (Works without Race Track Set)

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Dinosaurs Are Always A Great Attraction To kids and they are always keeping their popular status among all the toys! This Transforming Dinosaur LED Car is exactly what any dinosaur lover would want, it combines Dinos and cars! It’s the perfect way to start the holiday season! Your child is surely going to love the transformation and it’ll take them back to the Jurassic period once they see the car change its shape and create a RAWR effect. Watch your little one smile with joy when the CarDinos™ starts to Transform and flashing lights! Your kids will surely love it, and have tons of fun! Colorful, with LED lights and roaring dinosaur sound, this car automatically transforms into a dinosaur. Perfect for children aged 3 and up! Celebrate the Christmas season with the whole family with the CarDinos™!


Product Features:

Available in three different colors: blue, green, and red Automatically transforms into a dinosaur Once the car shapes into a dinosaur, it makes a roaring sound Glowing LED lights Made from durable, non-toxic thick plastic Random, funky music track with the same dinosaur roaring sound

Product Specifications:

Size: 9.7 cm x 22 cm / 3.81″ x 8.66″

Transformed Size: 16.2 cm x 22 cm / 6.37″ x 8.66″

Power: 3 x AA batteries (not included)

Material: ABS Plastic

Function:LED, Sound, and Transformation

Age: 3 and above