Wave Cordless Automatic Hair

Wave Cordless Automatic Hair

Wave Cordless Automatic Hair

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Optimize your beauty regime with the Wave Automatic Hair Curler from Opti-Beauty.

The variable direction, heat and timer settings allow you to customize your look with ease.

Whether you want a tight curl or looser waves, you are in control with the touch of a button, and as the curler is cordless, you can tailor your waves wherever you are.

Instruction manual is under the tray in the box.

How To Use

Ensure hair is fully dried before use.

Press and hold "Power ON/OFF" for 2s to turn on appliance, you will hear a "beep" and the LCD display will turn on.

Note: Press and hold "Power ON/OFF" for 2s to turn off appliance too when the appliance is on. If you forget to turn the appliance off, it will shut itself off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity.

To scroll through the settings, press the ‘Menu’ button.

The setting you are currently on will flash to show you are able to adjust it.

When flashing use the ‘Adjustment’ button to scroll through the options available. The option selected will depend on the tightness of curl or direction of curl you wish to achieve.

From the screen shown at switch on press the menu button once. The temperature will now be flashing – choose between 150°C, 160°C, 170°C, 180°C, 190°C, 200°C.

Press the menu button again and the direction will be flashing. Press adjustment button to select L – left or R – right

Press the menu button again and you can select between degrees centigrade -°C or Fahrenheit - F for the temperature display. the hair will be held in the curler for – choose between 8s, 10s, 12s, 14s, 16s, 18s.

The curler will start to heat to the set temperature after 5s without any operation.
The heating symbol will blink when the curler is heating, you will hear "beep-beep" when the curler reaches selected temperature setting and the display will stop blinking.

Thoroughly comb through all sections of your hair that you intend to curl, removing all tangles.

Divide the hair into sections, no more than 2cm wide. For thick or long hair the section size should be reduced.

Lay the section of hair along the side opening of the curling chamber. Ensure only the section to be curled is near the chamber.

Hold down the "Start" button. The curler will start to draw the hair into curling chamber.

Release the "Start" when the curler makes a ‘beep’ holding the curler in place, do not remove the hair from the chamber.

When curling is finished the curler will give two beeps. Gently pull the curler away from the head and the hair will be released.

Your hair curler will beep for the number of seconds you have set the curler to heat for. I.E set for 8 seconds, the curler will "beep" 8 times.

If your hair does gets blocked in the curling chamber, you will hear a continuous "beep" and the auto curling will stop.

Release the "START" button to remove the hair from the Curler.
The curler will automatically shut down and can then be restarted by pressing the on/off button.

When the battery is low the curler will shut off automatically and the LCD display will flash three times.


Before using, please fully charge the product to get the best performance.
Before preparing to store this product for a long time, please fully charge the product and ensure that the product is charged once every three months to keep the product in the best condition.

Using the charging cable supplied with the Opti-Beauty, connect the relevant end in to the base of the curler and the USB end in to a power outlet that is in line with the product specification.

When the product is in the charging state, the LCD display shows a flashing battery indicator.

Once the product is fully charged the battery indicator will stop flashing.
Do not use the product when it is charging.

Charging volt/current:

Battery capacity: 3.6V 5000mAh (2x 2500mAh)
Power – 34W

Cleaning and Maintenance

Make sure the curler is not in charging mode, is switched off and cool before cleaning
Do not immerse the Opti-Beauty Hair Curler in any form of water or liquid.
Wipe down with a damp soft cloth. This product is not waterproof. When cleaning, take care that no liquid goes into the main unit through any gaps or interface, resulting in short-circuit of the product.

Remove any hair left in the chamber once the product has cooled after every use.
Do not use sharp objects or corrosive, cleaners.


1 x Wave Cordless Automatic Hair Curler
1 x Storage Pouch
1 x USB Charging Cable

  • Feature: Wireless Portable
  • Min. temperature: 320°F
  • Applicable hair: Dry and Wet
  • Material: Plastic Power
  • Source: Rechargeable Battery
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