Car Sunshade UV Window Protection

SIZE: 70CM (Medium,SUV,MPV)
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Notice how there isn't much difference between your car's interior and an oven on a hot summer day? This is especially true if you happen to park under direct sunlight because, well, that was the only available parking spot.

The trapped air quickly heats up and can make your car interior your very own personal hell on earth. To say that it's agonizing to sit down and drive again is a downright understatement. Everything gets heated. Your seats, steering wheel, your GPS device, the center console, the phone you were charging, and of course, your emotions.

Why compromise your health, comfort, safety, and your car's upholstery and leather? Get the WindSun™ and keep your car significantly cooler even on sunny days. No complicated set-up needed! Simply install with the built-in bracket and strong suction cups then stretch like a curtain! It's that easy!

This Amazing Sun Visor Can Cool Down Your Car's Interior By 12.5°C in 30 Minutes!

Our designers worked tirelessly to create a product that is as effective as it is easy to use. That's why the WindSun™ was made to fit a wide variety of cars: including Vans, Trucks, SUVs and even Compact Cars!


  • No Need to repeat installation!
  • It opens and closes in seconds!
  • YOU DON'T HAVE to reach in back seat for the fold-up sunshade and put it! It's right there after installation and no need to reinstall it again!
  • Reinforced bracket and suction cups so it won't fall off the windshield

  • SIMPLY INSTALL with the built-in bracket and strong suction cups then stretch like a curtain! it's that easy! No complicated setup needed!

  • Eliminates 90% of heat inside your car & Blocks 95% of damaging ultraviolet rays
  • Protects your car's upholstery and leather from peeling and fading and Prevents electronics from overheating
  • Keep's everyone cool and comfortable inside the car especially your kids and pets
  • Wave folding design - it can be stretched, adjusted, and cut to fit the actual size of your car.

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