Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Do you have such troubles, feel your space is dirty and messy?
You need a Vacuum Cleaner like this.

Use Car Vacuum Cleaner! It can be washed and reused, protect the environment.

How clean do you think your car is?

Maybe you need a Vacuum Cleaner like this.

Turbocharger:Strong suction requires a sufficiently powerful turbocharger. Our product has a large suction power of 120W, mainly because we use a very high-cost turbo.

The wireless can be used as long as it is charged, Wired models need a cigarette lighter to get power, you just need to connect it to your car. Cigarette lighter with built-in 15A fuse, add more protection to your safety.

The use of high-cost materials, real high density, strong suction does not decline, unlike other inferior products, the degree of adhesion is poor, the suction force gradually decreases, and it cannot last.

What's the difference between wired and wireless?

【Instructions for use】
1. Turn off the power switch of the vacuum cleaner, insert the power plug into the cigarette lighter socket of the car, start the power switch of the vacuum cleaner, and start operation.
2. When the dust reaches a certain level or needs to be cleaned after use, press the clip on the dust cover to open the dust cover to remove the dirt.
Fine workmanship, easy to carry, super strong suction, can quickly clean small dirt and other dirt in the car, it is a good partner for your car.

Configured with several brush heads, accidental garbage can be picked up and sucked. Run out of the car, you also can take it home or office. Ours each comes with 4 brush heads and a hose for better cleaning.

Car Vacuum Cleaner: Can be washed and reused, protect the environment. When you're done, just press the button, separate them, clean and you can continue to use them. If you can dry the water on it, the effect will be better next time.

Specifications :

  • Product Name: Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • Size: 30cm*5.5cm*8.5cm
  • Converter: Wireless cleaner version
  • Line: Wired cleaner version with 2.5 meters line
  • Accessories: hose / hose adapter * 2 / brush / flat nozzle
  • Power supply: 220V
  • Color: Black
  • Power: 120W

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