Flexibility Training Strap

Flexibility Training Strap

Flexibility Training Strap

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Some yoga postures require a certain level of flexibility to be practiced correctly and avoid the risk of injury.

Discover our Flexibility Training Strap!

The yoga accessory that stretches, strengthens, loosens or improves body alignment.

Improve your flexibility

The Flexibility Training Strap helps you gain flexibility, strengthening your muscles and improving your movements.

Get back in touch with your body and regain its alignment and vitality instinctively.

More effective stretching sessions

The Flexibility Training Strap helps you master your stretching, and extends your body, regardless of your size and flexibility.

A stretching session with our Flexibility Training Strap will improve your body's posture, prevent and soothe pain and strengthen your joints.

Helps to master postures

To master or improve certain yoga postures, the FelxiYogi strap is the perfect solution.

It helps to adjust the posture to the body. Put on the asana as if it were a custom-made garment for you.

It allows you to progress in your learning, while smoothly.

Easy to use

Installation is easy and requires no modifications to your door.

In a few seconds you are ready for a full body workout with complete peace of mind.

Innovative Design

The innovative design of the Flexibility Training Strap allows for comfortable and safe use.

Don't worry about slipping during your workout, and focus on your goals.


- Length: 350 cm (For a comfortable practice).

- Weight: 500 g (Lightweight and portable).

- The door anchor is padded with foam (to protect your door).

To finally have a flexible body and take pleasure during your practice of yoga.
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