Smart Portable Electric Bluetooth Eye massager with Heat Air Pressure Vibration

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  • 【INTELLIGENT EYE MASSAGER】With comprehensive functions, a wireless hot eye massage device can relieve eye fatigue and reduce eye circles, bringing you a comfortable and pleasant experience.
  • 【MUSIC AND BLUETOOTH CONNECTION】Now enjoy your favorite music with our Bluetooth eye massager! You can connect the eye massager with your smartphone easily by Bluetooth. The default sound volume is unadjustable, but you can adjust the music volume via your phone when you connect Bluetooth.
  • 【PORTABLE EYE MASSAGER】 The portable eye massager folds up to 180 degrees and is small enough to be easily carried around in offices, Planes, and on the go. In addition, The headbands are adjustable, So if they feel too tight or loose, Adjust the head beat to find the right size.
  • 【FIVE MASSAGE MODES TO RELIEVE EYE FATIGUE】The air pressure, vibration, Heat, and music functions are combined in different modes to make you enjoy eye massage. Automatic 15 - minute timer setting massage mode.Better for relieving eye strain, eye puffiness, dry eyes, sinus pressure, and headaches.



Vibration Massage: The vibration is very comfortable feeling like the gentlest tapping on your eyes. Vibrating with rhythm works to the eyeball area for a deep refreshing.

104℉/40℃ Thermostatic Heat: Can easily maintain constant temperature and heat function around 104℉(40°C) to promote eye circulation

Air Pressure Massage: Massage the muscles around the eyes area by proper matching between air inflating and air releasing.

Soothing Music: The peaceful music is designed to simulate a natural surrounding and to better induce sleep. Or connect it with the smartphone via Bluetooth to play your favorite music.



Color: Blue

●Power Input: DC 5V
●Default Time: 15 mins
●Battery: 1200 mAh
●Charging Time: 2 h
●Working Time: 60-90 mins.

Package Includes:

1 x Eye Massager
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

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